This year’s Stars of Sandstone event saw a much better turn-out of Model ‘A’s than in the past, and it was wonderful to see as many as five Model ‘A’s together at various scenes around the event.

One of the most encouraging things to see was Model ‘A’ owners daring to take their prized possession on the dirt roads and enjoying themselves.

Wilf Mole, the Sandstone owner, provided his own Model ‘A’ – a Canadian Model ‘A’ Coupe recently imported to South Africa. Although this car was poorly treated by the person who claimed it each day, it nevertheless was able to be seen driving around and joining in with the others.

On a sad note, Ockie Lategan and his brother Stoffel were meant to join us on the Saturday, but Ockie sadly passed away that morning. They were due to bring two Model ‘A’s, one of which has just had a full restoration completed. Rest in peace, Ockie, you will be sadly missed.

The 2017 event saw a far bigger number of vintage aeroplanes in attendance, and between the Model ‘A’s, the trains, and the planes, many photo opportunities were set up for the hundreds of photographers around.

A very successful event for the Model ‘A’s and well enjoyed by all.

Hoping to see even more Model ‘A’s at the next event.

Stars of Sandstone 2017 Event Photos
Stars of Sandstone 2017 Photo Competition Entries