There were many more Model ‘A’ Club members at Stars of Sandstone in 2017 than previously, and some even brought their cars along to join in the fun.

The Model ‘A’ Club of South Africa decided to sponsor a photo competition for any of the members who wanted to participate. The rules were very simple:

  1. Entries must include a Model ‘A’ (or part of one);
  2. Theme was “Colours”

In all, six people submitted their photos for judging. Judges were chosen from a wide range of people, including one or two professional photographers. The rest were unrelated to the club or any club members, other than that they are work colleagues. The phot entries were numbered with no indication of who the photographer was.

The results were as follows:

First place, with four votes: Lynette

Second place was shared by two photographers, Kelsey and Mouton:

Third place was Lindy:

Well done to all the participants. See more stunning pictures elsewhere on the website.